Internet is the source of my knowledge,
Museum is my source of inspiration.

I am Yotam Guttman, I studied fine arts and cinematography. By trade I'm a freelance graphic designer, video editor, and a motion graphic animator.

My interest in the visual field has begun at a very young age, starting off with film making, I developed my visual attention to details. Subsequently, widening my fields of interest to adjacent realms was inevitable. I discovered my great love to stills photography and digital art.

I've gained most of my knowledge as an auto-didactic learner, trail and error was my most reliable teacher, along with some professionals, who volunteered very kindly to mentor me in their ateliers in graphic design, film making, and analogue photography.

I'm very passionate about the human mind, especially which visual motif results in a certain action and which brings up a certain thought.

I'm a curious guy that is always glad to be exposed to new inspirations, smarten up, tackle the impossible, and create the unusual, by conducting the emotions and associations one experiences by my work.

As a result of my study major fine arts and photography, quite unusually in this field, I find inspiration at the art gallery and the museum, rather than the habitual graphic design websites. Therefore, I will not be the right choice for simply a trendy kind of project.
I tend to refer to design as applied arts. Appearance is as important as functionality and deep meanings are interpreted differently with a mild aspect of confusing with a sprinkle of intriguing mysteriousness.

My speciality is my ability to conduct different kinds of visual mediums in order to create a cohesive end product that is evenly presented on a wide range of platforms, digitally or physically, in a harmonious fashion and a sensual touch.
Design is the fastest form of communication. It's a language that reaches the mind at the speed of light, the fastest form of speed in the universe.

Design is advanced expertise from the future, that creates communication between a man and his creations.

Unlike other languages, consumers don't have to be proficient in the language in order to understand it, nevertheless designers shall master the language cleverly in order to communicate it.
Some decorations can escort this language, however, they can be very flattering as well as pretty confusing when used wrongly.
This language can be presented in a wide range of accents and dialects, unexplainably one would seem crystal-clear and attractive to one audience and unrelatable and repulsive to another.

This language cannot be taught, though it is acquired natively and the grateful designer can only find their ways to evolve their communication skills, develop an original taste, and affiliate themselves to one of the wide variety of dialects this language offers.
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