I am Yotam Guttman, I studied fine arts and cinematography and yet, I am not a graphic designer.
As a job, I'm a freelance video editor and a motion graphic animator.

I studied graphic design for a while. During this period my aspiration to create was shut out by the lack of creativity when needing to make a presentable lookout of a superficial design for a plastic product that would provide good sells.

Nowadays, from time to time, I receive individual projects from exceptional people that inspire me and spur me to get over the contempt towards graphic design.

Those individuals demand my effort due to their assessment of my particular way of expression in this medium. They would not place requirements, nor contradict my interpretations.

At last, I like the results which are worth the whole process, and so do they.
Therefore, this place is dedicated to manifesting the chef-d'oeuvre of my creations.